Very excited to share this one with you today. I first mentioned Third Culture last December when I wrote my “14 To Watch In ’14” post and I’m glad I have something to follow up with. He’s been relatively quiet so far this year, with only one remix to his name in 2014, but we can finally see what he has been up to. As we saw with his Daughter remix last year, the rising producer has been experimenting more and more with his sounds, trading in the big room theatrics for a more sincere, emotional take on electronic music. “Catch Me”, his first original piece, is a synth-driven composition that is sure to remind you of the gorgeous sounds of producers like Porter. Adding vocals from New York’s Innocent on top turns the entire thing into an emotional rollercoaster that will have you calling your high school sweetheart begging for forgiveness. Eat it up YE’ers, because there’s definitely more to come from these guys in the future.