Maybe you lived through the 80s, might be that you wish you did, but wherever you stand, Christine is reviving the vibes of old for a breathtaking debut LP titled Atom from HeartThe 11-track collection is loaded to the brim with emotive chord progressions and belting vocals, supplemented with precise percussion programming for a heavy punch of nostalgia.

Atom from Heart packs everything from analog-inspired synth instrumentals to funked out Justice styled tracks, and after a single play through you might just feel sucked into a 20th century sci-fi adventure. Have a listen below, and be sure to throw these guys some love on iTunes.

A feminine name for a male duo. Formed by Nico and Martin, the Rouen tandem has been bathing in electro since 2010. The project takes much of its inspiration from the visuals that the music reflects, and “Christine” itself comes from the film by director-composer John Carpenter.