When it comes to those tech house, club rattling tracks, very few do it as well as the legend Rene Amesz. His midas touch is infectious as he’s produced monstrous tunes that have been signed to Toolroom Records, Suara, and his newest single, “Liam”, to Spinnin’ Deep. He’s made a few appearances from Spinnin’s Deep channel, with every release somehow outdoing its predecessor.

The story behind the name is hilarious, as Rene stated, “My oldest son got to pick a name for this song. What did he do….!!!??? He picked is own name for this chunky stormer!!!

In “Liam”, his sampling technique is incredible, chopping up a vocal into a intoxicating chant that I can’t get out of my head. Paired with a beefy drum loop and a fat bass groove, “Liam”, is a dance-floor bomb that needs to be in your playlist this weekend.

Listen below!