Though 2016 may have been an a terrible year for most of us, Robotaki might tell you otherwise. For the Montreal native, 2016 brought two massive Majestic Casual releases (one of those being the absolutely incredible “Ghostboy”), an official remix of “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and a dedicated spot on Porter Robinson & Madeon‘s Shelter Live Tour.

Having caught a pretty spectacular Robotaki set in Seattle last year, I went into 2017 expecting another great year for the DJ/producer. Needless to say, his announcement of a forthcoming Monstercat release had me even more stoked.

“Automaton” was a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The track is easily Robotaki’s most out-there release yet, taking a total 180° flip from his more poppy work, like “Ghostboy” and “Right Time.” In a beautiful contrast of melody and noise, “Automaton” proves just why Robotaki has caught the eye of so many big names.

Oddly enough, this synthwave/techno hybrid got its premiere on the 31st episode of The Chainsmokers’ “Nice Hair” radioshow, which is the last place we’d expect to find a track like this. Regardless, we’re not complaining.

Listen to “Automaton” and buy the track below:

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