Polarizing songstress Lana del Rey has been a popular remix target for EDM producers since the release of Video Games last year. I’ve heard myriad dubstep, electro, trance, and house remixes of several of her tracks, but I’ve yet to hear any meaningful techno–until tech house up-and-comer Koen Groeneveld posted MK‘s remix of Blue Jeans on Facebook. A darkly captivating minimal tech house mix, there is an eerie resonance between the off-kilter melody and Lana‘s soulful vocals, while drum samples straight out of Moloko‘s classic atmospheric trip-hop masterpiece Sing It Back echo in the background. In a world of stale electro and dubstep remixes, MK‘s treatment of Blue Jeans is a breath of fresh air–a spunky revival and combination of Detroit techno and classic Chicago house, with one of the world’s most controversial modern torch singers to bring it to life.


Lana del Rey – Blue Jeans (MK Darkest Mix)