Rarely do you see such wild industry-wide anticipation for a remix pack like we’ve recently seen for Zedd‘s Spectrum. A duo of trance remixes have spiced up the song significantly so far: mainstay and legend Armin van Buuren presented us with a tight, straightforward trance interpretation, while explosive newcomer Arty opted for a bit more diversity in sound with an exploratory, meandering one.


Now, a couple of house remixes have hit the web. A-Trak and Clockwork‘s mix is a funky, fresh, party-ready tune, with a bit of an edge to it–as well as an undeniable groove. The vocal morph in the breakdown is a bit pedantic, but on the whole, this is a fully capable club-ready mix. French rising stars Gregori Klosman and Tristan Garner have teamed up on another remix of this great tune; taking a bit more of a humorous approach, this electrohouse remix prominently features sampled strings and some classic 8-bit RPG battle theme influence at the drop. Quite separate from the other remixes, these French producers have created something fairly unique here. The full remix collection will be released next week–but until then, check out these remixes below!