It’s finally here! Zedd‘s Spectrum was an instant classic upon its release; building on the formula Porter Robinson introduced with Language, Spectrum rests at the perfect intersection between electrohouse and trance–with just enough heavy bass balanced with shimmering big-room synthesizers, Spectrum is a hyperemotional anthemic testament to the power of electronic music. Throughout the last month, several remixes of this incredible song have been previewed by some of the world’s biggest artists–and now they’re all available to buy on Beatport!


Of course, we’ve already previewed the Armin van Buuren remix, as well as the Arty, Deniz Koyu‘s, A-Trak & Clockwork‘s, and Gregori Klosman & Tristan Garner‘s, but even with all those huge names listed as remix credits, the Spectrum EP still manages to squeeze a couple more in there. Congorock takes a bit more of an electropop edge to the twinkly track, grooving the beat up and reworking a lot of elements at the drop. Naturally, in this musical climate, it’s impossible to have a huge track like this without a dubstep remix, and it’s here courtesy of Monsta; in true dubstep style, it’s a two-step rearrangement of the track in a different key. Check out all of the remixes below, and let us know which one is your favorite!


Zedd – Spectrum (Original Mix)

Zedd – Spectrum (A-Trak & Clockwork Remix)

Zedd – Spectrum (Armin van Buuren Remix)

Zedd – Spectrum (Arty Remix)

Zedd – Spectrum (Congorock Remix)

Zedd – Spectrum (Deniz Koyu Remix)

Zedd – Spectrum (Gregori Klosman & Tristan Garner ‘Knight’ Remix)

Zedd – Spectrum (Monsta Remix)


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