I find myself increasingly impressed by the consistent high quality of South American minimal techno lately. While typically this style has been a venture mostly coming from Eastern Europe and Germany, talented Argentinian producer Bruno Ledesma has been making a name for himself on several different record labels in the past three years. With new Slick-B collaboration Junction, out on Nulabel Records, he has absolutely proven immense skill in creating an engrossing atmosphere–perhaps the most exciting feature of minimal techno like this. Kicking off with some earth-shattering bass that would make dubstep jealous, Junction offers a brief glimpse into a dark, nightmarish world, full of metallic crashes, menacing, distorted, sinister whispers, and a distinct lack of humanity. Nulabel is definitely one to watch in the future; with its humble start less than a year before now, Nulabel has already managed to pump out release after release of intense music. Keep an open mind and give Junction a listen!


Bruno Ledesma & Slick-B – Junction


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