Joel Zimmerman, more famously known as deadmau5 is just now releasing his track Professional Griefers with My Chemical Romance‘s Gerard Way‘s vocals, on the mau5’s very own Mau5trap records. From the get go I will be honest by declaring that I far prefer the instrumental version of the track as the vocals tend to detract from the unique set pieces put in place by the original. This release comes at an interesting time considering Zimmerman‘s next album > album title goes here < is bound for release in the upcoming weeks, but nevertheless this latest addition is welcomed as this track has been played across the world on the mau5’s set for more than a year now. Also included here is the upcoming official video teaser that displays some intricate visuals while remaining too short to be able to fully discern how it will develop. Enjoy!

Purchase: Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix) [feat. Gerard Way] - Single - Deadmau5

deadmau5 feat. Gerard Way – Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix)

deadmau5 – Professional Griefers (Instrumental Mix)


The official video will be released on August 29th