Surging through the ranks of the electronic music community, 20 year old American artist Porter Robinson, has recently declared in an interview with Daily Star that he has received multiple offers from pop artists such as Katy Perry to have him produce future tracks. Porter Robinson also stated in the interview that he declined everything single offer, saying:

“It’s a surefire way of damaging your credibility and I just don’t think it’s inspiring. I want to make stuff that I enjoy so I won’t produce anyone else, for now.”

Porter Robinson has through his latest release Language hit the number 9 spot in the UK hit chart and followed through with titling his last tour with the same name. He follows with declaring deadmau5 as being a great inspiration for the same reason he denied producing big names like Katy Perry:

“I admire him because he’s yet to release a song that sounds like he’s trying to fit into something.”

All in all Porter Robinson, while being young, is one who is not easily swayed into forgetting his roots and truly has not intentions on “selling out”. Porter wants to continue innovating his sound by delivering quality content while still moving forward, as he later chimes in:

“The next record will be different. Stagnation is the enemy and getting pigeon-holed is one of the worse things that can happen to a DJ.”

“It can turn you into not a one-hit wonder but a four-hit wonder. There’s no art in making the same song four times.”

Update: Porter Robinson also added a comment on his facebook page and while not entirely relevant is still a nice touch:

“i’m sitting here writing weird music and feeling caffeinated as fuck and just marveling about the last two years.
i know a lot of other artists whose fans only want to hear one sound, who are constantly grappling between innovating and pleasing their fans.
not to say that i would actively crowd-please; a big part of my philosophy is not pandering and i can’t imagine a scenario where i’d write stuff that i don’t like. but you guys make it easy for me to be genuine in my music. i have -never- needed to worry about what i write and it’s because of you.”

Porter Robinson – Language (Original Mix)

Get Language by Porter Robinson by clicking here

Source: Daily Star