Borgore and Miley Cyrus, two names that would and should never be included in the same sentence have recently released multiple statements concerning their collaboration on the track Decisions. Borgore, the man infamous for declaring to have self handedly ruined dubstep, as well as releasing EPs titled “Borgore ruined Dubstep” and much more, is generally not an individual that many enjoy and appreciate. Well his attempts at marketing himself via his shock campaign knows no bounds as he and the pop singer have now officially announced that they worked together to release the track Decisions.

Now to be honest, had they not made that announcement, 1) I would have never listened to the track and 2) I would not have recognized Miley Cyrus’ voice which sounds faint and minuscule in comparison to all the brouhaha that is going on at the same time. This is leading me to think that the inclusion of the teen pop singer was solely for marketing purposes and nothing else. If you are interested here are the twitter statements that both artists released:

Borgore’s statement, in true Borgore fashion:

yer so i guess i can say now that miley cyrus is the backing female voice in decisions.#bitcheslovecake :p

Miley Cyrus’ statement:

Yo check out Decisions me & @borgore new track


And if you really want to, you can get the full EP of Decisions by clicking here