It all began with Levels and its highly controversial video, pushing the limits of strange and absurd, then came Silhouettes, and now I present to you Superlove. This is by far the most original albeit odd music video I have seen in awhile. Incorporating elements that do not seem to completely relate to the actual audio of the track, playing more on the shock value then actually highlighting the track and lyrics themselves. This could easily be contrasted with the Language music video which attempts to play more on showcasing the melodic and fantastical aspect of the track versus Superlove’s that is almost an entity of its own. Either way it is definitely worth watching.

Update: Stating that this music video is absurd does not mean it is bad by any means, I actually quite enjoyed it overall.

Here is the YouTube Link as it tends to load faster:

Get Superlove by Avicii feat. Lenny Kravitz by clicking here