In true Dada Life fashion, the Feed the Dada track was first announced and previewed over a series of short videos filmed in their own studio, where only brief snippets of the track could be witnessed at a time. In their latest preview they announced that this track included their biggest drop ever and while I will have to leave that up to you to decide, I can concur that this track is by far one of their best, ranking up there with White Noise Red Meat (my personal favorite). Focusing on incredibly hard electro synths in unison with their sausage fattened beats, Feed the Dada showcases Dada Life‘s mastery at unleashing party driven releases that will get anyone out of bed and dancing. It is now available on Dada Life‘s own So Much Dada records.

Dada Life – Feed the Dada (Original Mix) [So Much Dada]

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