On the eve of the Swedish trio’s upcoming release, a short video teaser of the official music video of Don’t You Worry Child has been released. Not very indicative of what will be unveiled during the full length clip, the purpose of this announcement seems to be just another attempt at marketing the upcoming track. Not much can be said that hasn’t already been mentioned countless times in countless articles, other than this will be the last official release from the Swedish House Mafia, and will lead in to their last appearance in Stockholm on November 24th.

Update: In the official video, SHM reveal a website titled http://onelasttour.com/ which reveals two things: 1) A soundtrack and 2) A potential world tour with dates and locations to be announced very soon. Stay tuned for more.

The Official Video of Don’t You Worry Child is out now!

If you would like to hear and download the acoustic version of the track click: here

If you would like to hear the full length version of Don’t You Worry Child click: here

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