Wolfgang Gartner has had quite a monumental year. One of the most talented electro house producers in the world, Wolfgang has put out multiple releases off Ultra, completed a collaboration with Tiesto, re-founded his own label Kindergarten Recordings, crafted multiple remixes, and is now embarking on a headlining tour spanning North America. It is only fitting, with Wolfgang’s meteoric rise through the global house ranks, that the level of his productions mirrors his ascendance. This is the case with the “Love & War EP” which, true to Wolfgang’s words, is some of the best music he has ever created. This Wolfgang Gartner release coincides with his ambitious North American tour, the “Love & War Tour,” which promises to be one of the premier live events of the season.


The EP is composed of two tracks: “Love & War” and “Nuke,” with both having their own signature sound that perfectly captures Wolfgang’s authentic production techniques. While Wolfgang’s last release, the “Casual Encounters of the 3rd Kind EP,” showcased Wolfgang’s groove-driven and funk-influenced sound, the “Love & War EP” is pure maximal electro house with undeniable energy. The first track, “Love & War,” is an anthemic electro house track with signature Wolfgang Gartner style. The arrangement of the track has a darker vibe to it, with haunting synth work laying the framework of the melody. A dynamic bassline drives the groove while also providing rhythmic breaks between the action, and Wolfgang inserts a few high-end leads into the phrases to add to the frenzy. A breathtaking breakdown leads into the bridge, with Wolfgang’s spooky synth arrangement re-joining the fray, all leading up to a final drop that is pure power. “Love & War” is plenty energetic, but it also exemplifies Wolfgang Gartner’s skill with melodic arrangements. This track is equal parts harmonious and forceful, and is the perfect showcase of Wolfgang’s modern sound.


Wolfgang Gartner – Love & War (Original Mix)


Nuke,” the second track off the release, is an unconventional track that is floor-shakingly powerful. The fury begins within the first minute of the track. After an intro featuring deep kicks, a rumbling bassline, and all sorts of additive percussion, Wolfgang drops a massive siren-like lead that pumps up the energy level into the stratosphere. Soon after, an alternating series of sawtooth bass hits and high-end leads share the action, before coming to a melodic breakdown. The feel here is an uplifting one–masterful synth work combined with a melodic lead paint a beautiful picture, before Wolfgang throws down the gauntlet with another almighty siren lead that shakes the speakers. Wolfgang brings all the elements together for the final stretch, with the pounding bassline and multiple leads driving the feel to the very end. “Nuke” is one hundred percent peak-time banger, and the energy level of this track is undeniable.


Wolfgang Gartner – Nuke (Original Mix)


Grab your copy of the “Love & War EP” today, as it’s sure to be one of the biggest releases of the season. Wolfgang Gartner is back, with a vengeance.




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