After a heavy year of touring, churning out release after release, producing a bevy of remixes, and working on their upcoming full-length album, you would think that Disfunktion would want a little rest. Not at all–the dynamic Dutch duo is still hard at work, and quickly becoming one of the biggest rising stars in the global house arena. There is no greater proof of this than Kamuwe, an upcoming track that will be included on Disfunktion’s forthcoming full-length album: Appetite for Disfunktion. Kamuwe sounds like it’s going to be yet another infectious track from the Dutch group. The preview clip of Kamuwe starts off softly, with a reverbed tribal vocal sample adding haunting energy into the mix, before a massive piano arrangement quickly nails down the feel and adds to the melodic weight of the track. Soon, circling leads are added in on top to give the sequence added movement. For the drop, the deep bass, authentic piano chords, additive leads, and percussion all contribute to form a melodic soundscape that is equal parts subtle and uplifting. This arrangement continues gracefully until the end of the clip.



Kamuwe has already garnered some notable attention, as it was recently featured in Tiesto’s “Club Life” podcast on episode 286. You can listen to or download the podcast here.


Look for Kamuwe to be released alongside Disfunktion’s full-length album, Appetite for Disfunktion, on October 15th, off of PinkStar Records.




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