John Dahlback, the Swedish house icon, has caught fire again. Fresh off his godly release, “Zeus,” which came out earlier this September off of Doorn Records, the talented veteran has returned to give us one of his deepest and funkiest tracks yet. “Sing That,” which comes to us courtesy of Toolroom Records, is a mighty demonstration of John Dahlback’s versatile production technique. While his most recent releases have been more in the big-room progressive or electro house vein, Sing That is one hundred percent techy funk with an infectious groove. The track opens with a rhythmic feel, as clap hits and shakers build a solid groove up until some deep filtered synths enter the picture. A vocal sample is also introduced to add to the weight of the track. After the first drop, the synths take over with a simple yet effective progression, and make their presence known. Soon after John Dahlback reintroduces the killer shakers and adds in snare hits to accentuate the rhythm. The bridge gives a light and airy break to the track, with the vocal sample ever-present. The energy is brought up again when the synths return, leading to a strong build up and drop that brings the track down for one last groovy segment before the outro.


John Dahlback has one of the most well-rounded styles of any producer in the world, and it shows in this track. While many musicians are content to craft similar songs and stay within the confines of one style, John Dahlback has never been afraid to branch out with his tracks. His varied production technique is on full display here. If you’re craving a funky track with a mighty groove and undeniable rhythm, look no further than Sing That. Grab your copy today.


John Dahlback – Sing That (Original Club Mix)




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