It’s no secret that Dada Life is one of the biggest and baddest electro house acts in the world. Since 2006, the Swedish duo has been making their own stamp on the genre and on the global house community with their frenzied live performances and signature sound. Just this year they have unleashed such club bangers as Rolling Stones T-Shirt and Feed The Dada–both off of their own label So Much Dada. They also have plans to release their full-length album, Rules of Dada, on October 16th. Currently, Dada Life is in the middle of their massive tour across North America. YourEDM will be attending their show this Friday, September 28th, at HQ Nightclub at Revel in Atlantic City, NJ. Expect a full concert review the day after the show, and impressions of what should be an incredible night. THERULESOFDADA will surely be followed.




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