Rekoil is gearing up to make a serious splash in the bass music world. The eighteen year old Baltimore native is currently holding down the top spot in “community mixes” for his gut-wrenching rendition of “To Galaxy” in the much talked about Halo 4 Soundtrack Remix Contest, but that’s only a raindrop compared to the storm that is his newest EP. With “Reloaded”, Rekoil is joining the likes of Terravita, AFK, Getter, and Barron as a part of Datsik’s newly established Firepower Records, some of whom are currently wreaking havoc across North America in the Firepower Tour. Hopefully, there’ll soon be a second incarnation of the tour with Rekoil on the bill.

It can be hard to create unique music in the current dubstep climate, with ear piercing leads and phasing robotic basslines at an all-time high, but that doesn’t bother Rekoil one bit. “Reloaded” has a distinct sound, whether it’s the hypnotizing intro of “4matic”, the Foreign-Beggars-esque collaboration with Symbiotic and Maksim, “One Last Time,” or my personal favorite, the dance floor melting moombahcore track “Fat Tub of Goo.” The EP even includes a remix of “Pistol Grip”, a track by Rekoil’s older brother, Devour. That’s right, the whole family has energon in their blood.

The “Reloaded” EP will be drop like a gigaton bomb on October 23rd. Until then, it’s available for pre-order on iTunes here, and you can check out Rekoil on Facebook here.