Datsik, supported by Bare Noize and Dodger, kicked off his Firepower tour at the Ogden Theater in Denver, Colorado, on the 30th of August. Admittedly, I am not a big fan of dubstep. I am a house addict, I don’t often find grime appealing. However, I couldn’t have enjoyed myself more thoroughly. After overcoming bad traffic, construction, and wrong turns onto one way streets, I arrived at the Ogden in the midst of Bare Noize’s set. Expecting the worst, I headed straight for the bar, hoping to avoid the packed GA section. I perched on the balcony for the best view as Bare Noize tore the decks to pieces. After several filthy tracks, he kicked the tempo up building tremendous energy with latin inspire grooves and trance speed kicks. No matter what he played the crowd ate it up. The energy level and vibe of the room was phenomenal. Wanting to be where the action was I moved down to GA. As the energy peaked, Bare Noize dropped Skrillex’s old hit ‘Kill Everyone’ to a tremendous response. His ability to read the crowd was impressive and the crowd never let up.

As the main attraction Datsik took the stage, he unveiled his new stage settup, ‘The Vortex’. The Vortex projccted enthralling videos around the Canadian DJ on the decks. After greeting the crowd he slammed directly into his signature track ‘Swagger’. From that point on the energy never once faltered. Datsik frequently MC’ed the crowd into a frenzy while throwing brutal track after brutal track. As the night progressed Datsik began to throw darker and more spaced out tunes. A fair amount of trap music made it into Datsik’s set as well, which added much needed breaks in the action.

After three encores and a stage dive, Datsik was shut down. He was truly all about the crowd and expressed his love for Colorado’s EDM scene, stating it as the reason behind the decision to launch the tour in Denver. After the house lights came up, I made it a personal point to shake Datsik’s hand at his merch booth before leaving. Say what you will about Datsik’s music, the man is a class act who is dedicated to his fan base. The passion I saw at the show has helped change my mind on dubstep. The phenomenal crowd, the exuberant energy, the fine tunes of Bare Noize and Datsik, and the great venue may have made this house head a believer in the power of bass.

Datsik’s live performance is something to behold, regardless your traste.

Hit his facebook for tour updates! https://www.facebook.com/djdatsik

Visit the official website of the tour here: http://www.firepowertour.com/