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This past week I had the opportunity to sit down and have a chat with the French superstar Norman Doray. Starting out as a DJ, Norman Doray quickly made a name for himself before he even stepped foot inside a studio. When he first introduced himself to producing in 2005, he started his journey to stardom and is now working alongside some of the top names in the EDM industry. During our interview we caught up on his recent collaboration with the Nervo twins and a little bit more about who he is, and where he likes to play. Enjoy!


Listen to the audio from the interview here:


Q: How was working with the Nervo Twins on your recent collaboration Something To Believe In?

A: It was great, our sounds work well together which made the work flow of the project exciting and promising.


Q: Do you like playing in more of a club or festival setting?

A: That question is unanswerable to me, it all depends on the vibe of the crowd.


Q: Whats one of the crazier experiences you’ve had while touring?

A: Well, I was arrested trying to board my flight because I refused to leave my bags behind. I had a show to play that night and it was impossible for me to leave my luggage. Thank you Continental Airlines!


Q: What program do you use to produce?

A: I’ve been using Fruity Loops for the last 6-7 years but, I’m just starting to switch to studio 1. Fruity Loops is easy, it makes sense and you could pick it up in 6 months if you worked hard at it.


Q: What do you think of the European EDM Scene vs. the American EDM Scene?

A: In Europe its more people in their 30-40’s but in America the scene is a lot younger and brings a new vibe which is exciting.



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Image courtesy of Foundation Nightclub.