Believe Entertainment Group, the New York-based digital entertainment company known for producing content such as Tiesto’s “In the Booth” documentary series (which garnered 70 million views in three months), has plans to launch a new Twitter service called “Epic EDM.” This ongoing series, which will offer information on the latest news, tours, clubs, and artists, will be the first studio-originated content series to be specifically designed for the Twitter platform. The service, which will operate under the Twitter handle @EPICEDM, promises to provide “24/7 access” to all things EDM. The ongoing content series has plans to provide weekly in-studio video updates, exclusive artist interviews with notable DJs and producers, access to pre- and post-events, contests and ticket giveaways, daily news Tweets, video blogs, photos, and more. In a press release, Dan Goodman, co-founder of Believe Entertainment group, said: “The social media space is at the heart of this massive, global movement, so it made sense to us to curate an EDM series on the same social media platform that continues to fuel its growth…Our approach with Twitter is to own the social engagement around this movement.” Indeed, Epic EDM has plans to fully integrate with Twitter, using such innovations as “interest- and geo-targeting” to better reach out to consumers.


This represents a bold venture into the realm of EDM media coverage. In addition to it being the first Twitter-centric EDM media outlet, the service has the capability to have a large presence across the digital airwaves. Believe Entertainment Group is one of the largest digital media groups in the country, and with their full weight behind this series, it could be a very successful undertaking. Epic EDM is expected to launch in “late 2012.” Look for more updates in the coming weeks.