Just a few weeks ago, deadmau5 delivered a 90 minute intimate set for some 200 lucky fans in Los Angeles at the Sonos Studios, and the full length performance is finally available for streaming. Just prior to the event, Joel gave a 20 minute interview with internet radio station KCRW, where he discussed his upcoming stage set up and why he was unable to showcase his new concept  at the Canadian festival The Veld.

“At this festival in Canada called The Veld, everyone thought it was going to be the new stage. But we couldn’t do the production we really wanted. It’s so hard not to drop what [the new stage concept] is. It is so bloody amazing, and I can’t believe no one has thought of it.”

With such a description by the mau5 himself, it’s difficult not to get excited for the possibly revolutionary new experience Joel has in store for us, but until he finally reveals it, enjoy this 90 minute intricate display of musical talent.

Upon request here is the download file for deadmau5’s full set at the Sonos Studio. Enjoy!

Click here to download

Deadmau5 Full 90 Minute Set


Deadmau5 Interview with KCRW