Not much is known about the Ukrainian trance project Photographer to the public here, but their sound has been making huge waves over the trance scene in the past two years. Composed of producers Yuri Sena & Dimitri Vladislavovich, Photographer has been a project where quality has shown through their releases rather than quantity. Rarely does Photographer release tracks, or remixes, but they always soar above expectations when they do. After releasing their remix of Danyella & Cygnus X-1’s track ‘Snow Leopard‘ and their bold single of 2011, ‘Night Rush‘, the duo release their best sounding release yet with Airport. Released on Monster Digital Records, Airport has been universally supported by the likes of Aly & Fila, Sean Tyas, Bryan Kearney, Solarstone, and played live by the likes of Armin van Buuren & Max Graham (among other supporting artists). This is 140 BPM trance at its finest, with deep pulsing beats, raw basslines and incredible musical drive. It drops to a mellow section showcasing the melody in the second half in the song and goes through a massive buildup to a powerful, hands-in-the-air melody. This is one of the best sounding trance releases this year and it should be in the hands of any trance addict’s library. Get to Beatport and nab a copy today.


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