For over ten years, the international club brand, Godskitchen has been bringing the absolute best in trance around the globe. Originating in England, this organization has been responsible for many top trance festivals, such as UK’s famous Global Gathering Music Festival. Anything that has the name ‘Godskitchen‘ often sells out to high degrees and has gained quite the loyal following among trance fans. Artists such as John O’Callaghan, Aly & Fila, Gareth Emery, ATB, Dash Berlin doesn’t even scratch the talent that this organization has represented. And now, we are happy to announce what is arguably THE best night in trance with Godskitchen‘s 2nd annual Clash Of The Gods. If you are a fan of trance on any level (or even not), this is THE night to look out for.

The Clash Of The Gods concept was created last year to an immediate success, with two rooms and over 20 different DJ’s. Each two artists are put onto one stage B2B (Back to Back) to both play music and see who is the better artist on stage. So duels you would never dream of being on the same stage together come only for this one night. And this means an unbelievable night of trance for you fans. This will be 140BPM trance all night and you will hear a variety of superb genres, from uplifting to tech trance and everything in-between.

This year, the Clash Of The Gods has been upgraded to three rooms and will feature unheard of match-ups, such as Simon Patterson vs. John Askew, Manuel Le Saux vs. Sneijder, Daniel Kandi vs. Ferry Tayle, Jordon Suckley vs. Bryan Kearney and Paul Webster vs. Will Atkinson. As these artists fiercely battle it out over turntables, the fans reap the rewards in banger after banger.

Clash Of The Gods will be held in the brand new HMV Institute in Birmingham, England THIS Saturday, the 17th of November (beginning at 9:30 GMT). If you are anywhere around the area and need something to do Saturday night, THIS is the event to immerse yourself in.

But do not fret, non-UK people! If you want to catch the legendary action live, there will be a live stream occurring during tomorrow night at [email protected], which is an online clubbing community that streams many different EDM shows. Go tune in tomorrow night trance heads and to those people that live in Britain: you will have an unforgettable night and this author is extremely jealous that they can’t go. Have fun!

Clash Of The Gods Lineup
Room I – The Institute
Simon Patterson vs. John Askew
John 00 Fleming vs. Christopher Lawrence
Jordan Suckley vs. Bryan Kearney
Daniel Kandi vs. Ferry Tayle
Jorn van Deynhoven vs. Omnia
Mark Eteson vs. Ben Nicky

Room II – The Library
Manuel Le Saux vs. Sneijder
Full Tilt vs. Beat Service
Paul Webster vs. Will Atkinson
Steve Arnold vs. Sam Mitcham

Room III – The Temple
Defcon Audio vs. Jamie Walker
Davey Asprey vs. S.W.A.P.
Paul Pearson vs. Harry Fowler
James Rigby vs. Liam Wilson
Matt Lickess vs. Jon Cockle
Jordan Sweeney vs. Ben Aldred

Here are some examples of the kinds of music you will be listening to trance fans!

Paul Webster vs. Will Atkinson

Manuel Le Saux

Bryan Kearney

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Live Stream