Jerry Rekonius just keeps getting better.  The talented Swede has been incredibly consistent with his productions, topping himself everytime with his unique sound and undeniable energy.  A master of combining intricate melodies with big-room grooves, Jerry Rekonius has been responsible for numerous hits, including last year’s genre-bending masterpiece “Powahbunga” (Spinnin’ Records, 2011), and the electro banger “Paranormal” last summer (Spinnin’ Records, 2012).  Most recently, the Swedish up-and-comer crafted a remix of Mark Bale’s “Gimme Some Love” off of We Play, and now Jerry Rekonius is back with yet another gigantic release.  “Turn Up The Bass” is an absolute floor-destroyer and true to its name, with a furious bassline that’s sure to rumble the speakers.  The track begins with a slow build, before quickly descending into a frenzied drop.  Jerry Rekonius expertly mixes these massive segments with short melodic breaks, using high-end synth chords to add melody and switch up the feel.  The final breakdown’s synth arrangement, along with a vocal sample, set up a harmonious atmosphere before the final drop takes us into one last, high-powered sequence of dance floor mayhem.


Turn Up The Bass” is off of the Spinnin’ Records EP 1 release, which also includes Dan Van and Adam Fierce’s groovy remix of “Mobin Master & Ian Carey – Lights Out.”  In addition, it features Koen Groeneveld’s remix of “Radion6 – Black Jack,” a deep, rhythmic mix that is sure to satisfy.


Jerry Rekonius has really captured some magic with his latest creation.  “Turn Up The Bass” is sure to become a hit at clubs and festivals alike, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the Swedish whiz kid tear up the Beatport electro house charts yet again with this one.   Pick up your copy today.  


Jerry Rekonius – Turn Up The Bass (Original Mix)





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