The upstart Swedish duo Qulinez has certainly been making waves.  The group, comprised of members Alexander Lager and Johannes Gustafsson, has been producing together since 2006.  First noticed by Steve Angello in 2011, Qulinez had their mega-release “Troll” put out on Size Records back in February.  They later collaborated with Kaskade on “Stars Troll” (Ultra, 2012), and now the talented duo has a new two-track EP on the horizon that is already gathering buzz.  A preview of the EP was released on Soundcloud and contains clips of both tracks.  The first track, “Bamf,” is a frenzied electro romp with a thundering bassline and some melodic synth work.  “Dynamic” is a high-powered progressive banger with an ornate chord progression and a hypnotizing lead that drives up the energy.  Both tracks are destined to be surefire hits.  Keep your eye on Qulinez, and look for the EP to be released on December 3rd off of Size Records.





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