Swedish duo CAZZETTE have been taking the EDM community by storm with their impressive sets headlining at some of the biggest  music festivals in the world. Oddly enough, Alexander Björklund and Sebastian Furrer have only been releasing remixes, never playing an original mix that they have produced, and have still managed to stand out from the ever-growing crowd of DJ’s. Their new EP, “Eject: Part I” is one of the first to be streamed on Spotify before an official release or download is made to the public. According to an MTV interview, this talented team stated, “I think streaming is the future,” and that “It’s a social network, you can share it with your friends, the playlists, the songs.” It is a little annoying to have to stream the entire EP off of Spotify for the time-being, but the quality of these tracks certainly makes up for the wait of a legitimate download. Now let’s get this review underway!!!


“On the Road”– Seeing how CAZZETTE has risen to fame due to their amazing, high energy shows, this is a very fitting track to start the listener off to. Starting off slow, the melody line gets progressively quicker and quicker, much like this duo’s rapidly rising fame. An epic sounding track, this one won’t win any awards, but it will be the perfect song to prepare the listener for the awesomeness that is “Eject: Part I”

“Run For Cover”- This track really gets the blood flowing early on; the slow yet deliberate build up in that minor key really sets the mood. The dubstep-like kicks and snares add for a perfect buildup. Out of nowhere, the main jam slams into you like artillery rounds landing at your every side. “Run for cover,” yells a concerned man and rightfully so; this beat can easily get any crowd going.

“Hit Da Face”- A nice, gritty synth greets you followed by the seamlessly transitioned melody line, (and a catchy one at that). Then BAM! You were just hit in the face with the funkiest of bass lines in recent memory. Very forward-moving and exciting, this will easily be a crowd favorite for it’s high energy and classy nature. Do not miss checking this song out!

“Cream”- An excellent change of styles on this EP, “Cream” keeps you reeled in with it’s wonderful melody line and piano accompaniment. This song takes you on a never-ending, colorful, fluffy journey. “Cream” is easily one of my favorites right off-the-bat due to CAZZETTE”s undeniable talent at changing musical styles while keeping you intently listening.

“The Rat”- Oh no!!! “We have a mouse in the house!” CAZZETTE has the listener stomping away on this arrogant rat with this hard-hitting track. “The Rat” is easily a gigantic banger of a track and will have seas of people jumping up and down in glorious unison. I do have to mention that this Swedish duo does an excellent job of utilizing the instruments they use to completely envelop the listener in an eargasm of sound. The previous statement can be said for the entire EP as well.

“Beam Me Up”- Everyone- even fans new to CAZZETTE or new to the EDM scene in general, will fall in love with this infectious melody and catchy lyrics. The bass is wonderful and it is not overpowering in the overall mix; a perfect balance of fun! These Swedes certainly know how to make an amazing song that will have countless ravers around the world singing, dancing, and having a good time. Check out the music video below to see how everyone is being beamed up to a world of amazing sound.

As great as this EP is, there is frustration by their die-hard fans of not having an official download and streaming it online. Whatever your opinion is, these DJ’s are planning on releasing Parts II and III through Spotify, in similar fashion, over the course of a couple months, (Part II released on December 11th and Part III on January 22nd). Do not worry, fellow EDM junkies! CAZZETTE will be making an official MP3 release in the near future. Despite this annoyance of streaming on Spotify, do NOT miss out on listening to this EP. These guys are going to be blowing up next year and I would hate for you to be left behind while the rest of us are dancing the night away. At long last, we can finally jam out at our computers to this rising talent’s hard work and, eventually, we will be able to purchase this EP like any normal release. Enjoy!

Rating: 9/10