The first line up announcement for Ultra Music Festival 2013 has been made and it is no small one as the famous yet disbanding trio Swedish House Mafia will be finishing their tour at the 2 weekend festival in Miami. In typical SHM manner, the announcement was made in a highly publicized video, with the finishing title line stating “Where It All Started”. The reasoning behind finishing not only their One Last Tour but their group, at the world renowned festival, is because the trio made their true debut at the location. Thus the best way to it end it all would be to return where it all started. Swedish House Mafia is currently set to play on March 15th of the first weekend and March 24th of the second weekend. As I am sure you can guess, this announcement will definitely cause many to buy their tickets for the event today, so we would highly recommend you head over to the Ultra Music Festival website and get your tickets now!

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