London’s Gemini is an act I’ve been following closely since I first heard his track Graduation earlier this year. His style was the perfect blend of dark and melodic, and after hearing that first song I was hooked. Today, he’s just released a new EP titled Mercury on Inspected Recordings and it is amazing to see how much he’s grown as a producer.

Gemini – Robots:

Robots is a perfect example of how Gemini‘s sound has grown since his last EP. It is uplifting electro house, similar to the styles of Mord Fustang or Madeon.

Gemini ft Fabienne – 3D Romeo:

3D Romeo to me sounds the most similar to his previous works. Fabienne‘s smooth vocals work perfectly with the melodic, epic dubstep Gemini has crafted. The track is paradoxically sinister sounding and happy at the same time, creating a mood in the listener that goes beyond just a song.

Gemini – Freedom:

Freedom is proof that Gemini is able to make one hell of a peak-time electro track. Up until the Mercury EP, I thought his dubstep productions were better than his electro house ones. Now, I feel like he has found his groove and that statement is no longer true. Freedom is hard, intense, and energetic.

Gemini – Losing My Way:

Losing My Way, although not a club track in any capacity, goes to show what a wide range Gemini has. It is calm, minimal, and has a Luvstep kind of vibe perfect for winding down after a long night out.

Gemini – Second Law:

Although I don’t believe the best is always saved for last, in the case of the Mercury EP I think it is so. Second Law is just an incredible track. It goes deeper than any of his other electro tracks and isn’t just your typical “big room banger.” This is the song you want to hear at 1:30 AM when the DJ is in the zone and everyone is lost in the music.

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