Well I hope you’re not in the library when you listen to this one because this is a massive new mash-up from Kaskade and it’s just what the doctor ordered. Side effects include: screaming, jumping, dancing, fist pumping, increased heart rate, crying, and just overall amazement. Voted America’s Best DJ in 2011, Kaskade has been making a huge impact on progressive house and EDM in general for over a decade. In 2011 he released “Eyes” featuring Mindy Gledhill, which was a huge success throughout 2011 into 2012. Earlier this year Swedish sensation Sebastian Ingrosso and Tommy Trash collaborated on the club hit “Reload,” creating another house anthem that you won’t be able to escape from for years to come.

Just a few moments ago on Sound Cloud, Kasakde released an edited version of a mash-up creatively titled “Eyes Reload.” This song gives the same anthem style feel you get from “Reload,” but has that progressive feel with lyrics by “Eyes” mixed in.  This is definitely one of the better mash-ups you’ll hear so put down what you’re doing and turn it up.