Thanksgiving night I had the chance to head over to the world renowned Pacha NYC for a star-studded lineup of trance DJs who were prepared to rock the house. It was an awesome night filled with undulating beats and uplifting melodies, one that won’t soon be forgotten by those that attended (which included superstar DJ, Hardwell).

The night kicked off with Super8 & Tab. It was their first time playing Pacha NYC and although it did show a bit, they definitely hit it off right. They touched on many a trance banger including Jaytech‘s Stranger and Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery. The crowd really started getting in to it when they hit their own tracks Helsinki Scorchin’ and Irufushi. They were put in a tough position as opening DJs but I thought they did a tremendous job handling it.

Super8 & Tab-Irufushi (Original Mix)



Paul van Dyk took the booth a little after 1 AM and proceeded to demolish the dance-floor for the the next two hours. Churning trance beats and beautiful melodies were at the core of his set but he wasn’t afraid to deviate from them. About halfway through his set he dropped Hard Rock Sofa and Swanky Tunes‘ Here We Go, needless to say the club went crazy. He also touched on trance classics like Sun & Moon by the one and only Above & Beyond. His own works were not absent either including his song Symmetries off of his album from earlier this year, Evolution. He cranked the club’s energy level through the roof and impressed us all with his sheer skill in the DJ booth. He absolutely destroyed Pacha NYC and proved why he is one of the greatest trance DJs to ever touch a deck.

Paul van Dyk-Symmetries feat. Austin Leeds (Extended Mix)



Around 3:15 Tritonal took control of the decks. They brought with them their massive energy and electro infused trance. They played some of their more famous works including Can’t Keep It In. One of the highlights was when they played Ferry Corsten‘s Live Forever at the drop transitioned in to the high powered Dada Life track Kick Out the Epic Motherf*cker Tritonal‘s energy never ceases to amaze me and it seemed to take hold of the crowd (or at least what was left of it) at Pacha NYC. The club might have been even more alive than during Paul van Dyk‘s explosive set. They really did a phenomenal job and I have come to expect nothing less from them.

Tritonal feat. Jeza-Can’t Keep It In (Tritonal Club Mix)



Overall it was a fantastic evening. Each DJ (or DJ duo for that matter) brought their own music, style, and energy. I would do it again in a heartbeat and I believe most attendees would say likewise.


My interview with Super8 & Tab recorded for Beat Crazy: