Today on Unsung Heroes, we look at a very cool track entitled Dark Energy by under the radar producer, Mark van Rijswijk. Mark is a 20 year old producer from the Netherlands who has had a smattering of releases on Beatport and has been experimenting with the genres of trance and even dubstep, to which he has the alias ‘Acid Regulation‘. But don’t let that you deter away from his music, non-dubstep readers. He started way back in 2005 and only uses FL Studio, which is a DAW that is not as featured in today’s world with production titans such as Abelton, Cubase and Logic. On his personal Soundcloud account, he makes it a point that, “No matter what track in which style I make, I always try to be innovative or different.” That fresh attitude corresponds with van Rijswijk‘s innovative and genre bending method of producing music, which clearly shows in his track, Dark Energy.

Dark Energy is all about fun. It is a track that will make you move your feet and completely rage out without a care in the world. It starts with atmospheric slow synths and a sneaky plucky melodic line with a scientist stating: “Recent studies of the cosmic expansion rate show that the universe is in no danger to succumbing to gravity. It won’t all end in a big crinch. In fact, over the last 6 billion years, it’s begun to accelerate outward. As gravity begins to lose grip on the matters to an unseen force called Dark Energy“. It then pulls into a triumphant anthematic passage, with interesting rhythms and an increasing and hectic buildup. Almost unexpectedly, it pulls into a fearsome drop with a raw, edgy basslines, booming bass kicks and perfectly placed white noise to create drive and energy. The sub woofer work on this drop is particularly mint here. All of this is complemented by groovy percussion such as a clean hi-hat on the upbeats and liquid sounding ascending woodblocks. It repeats the soaring melodic line before slamming us back on the floor with more earthshaking basslines. It’s interesting to note that while the synth remains the same in the second drop, Mark van Rijswijk decided to change up the rhythms of the bassline and the white noise, changing the entire dynamic and feeling of the piece and breathing new life into the track with personal style and technical prowess.

Dark Energy was created almost 8 months ago to which it was unreleased for just as long. This track also hasn’t been shown any love by any major artists in the scene, which is a total shame due to the quality that was put into this track. Listeners can clearly tell that this track was made for a passion for the music and not for money like some tracks are created today. So, we at YourEDM personally contacted him and convinced him to give it out for free for all our readers! So if you like the sounds that you hear, head on over to the player and click on the DL link. Go grab your free copy right now!


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