From the darkest depths of electro house comes a massive collaboration between two big names you’re sure to recognize.  International superstar Wolfgang Gartner has taken the world by storm the past few years with his authentic productions and spectacular live sets, and has been responsible for such recent hits as “Love & War,” “Nuke,” and his collab with deadmau5, “Channel 42.”  In addition to his exploits as a producer, Wolfgang Gartner is also the proud owner of label Kindergarten Recordings.  Joining him on this track is Tom Staar, an up-and-coming British producer whose track “Cheyenne” was actually featured on Wolfgang’s label last October.  This newest release off of Ultra features the talents of both Wolfgang and Tom, and their styles mesh perfectly.  “Evil Lurks” is an incredibly energetic track which features a haunting chord progression and some expert synth work.  The eerie arrangement only builds as the song goes on, and is helped by a strong bassline and a scorching lead that blends perfectly with the synths.  All in all, this is a peak-time track that is sure to drive up energy level and add a spooky vibe to your night.  Pick up your copy today.


Wolfgang Gartner & Tom Staar – Evil Lurks (Original Mix)





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