You may be tiring of The Prodigy remixes after the slew of them packaged with the re-release of the band’s third album, but I promise you, this last one may be the best one since Pendlum’s.  Dirt Monkey and Shank Aaron (know together sometimes as Pillow Fight) got together again to work their magic on a recently under appreciated The Prodigy classic, “Voodoo People.”

This one’s a face melter. Everyone remembers “Voodoo People” because of that old school lead, that one haunting riff that can stop you in your tracks from two festival stages away. The Colorado duo has left that piece of history intact, and complimented it with some huge, a bit glitchy leads and basslines that will have the same effect. The track is a free download from the facebook pages of either Dirt Monkey or Shank Aaron.