Who’s Miss Kittin, you ask? Crowned as the first lady of techno, she’s is one of the few female producers/Dj’s that has been making her mark in the industry for the past 14 years.  Her experimental take on dance music has found her popularity all across Europe and is gaining more recognition here in the States. Personally, I never had heard of her until catching her smash-hit Girls on A-Trak’s Fool’s Gold podcast back in August and immediately fell in love. Her indie style is brilliantly displayed in Life is My Teacher as each track brings out a different artistic side to Miss Kittin and exhibits her distinctiveness among other artists.

1. Life is my teacher – a trancey-psychedelic journey laced with laser-ish effects and distant synths to place you in the exotic world pictured on the EP. Her soft, intermittent voice keeps your attention as you drift alongside her words throughout the song.

2. Life is my teacher (Borderline remix) – An interesting and abstract cover of the original. Borderline’s plucked leads and crunchy bass stabs shape the song as it slowly builds into chaos.

3. I.L.A.N.E.N.O. – A very dreamy, atmospheric song that absorbs all of the day’s stress. You don’t even have to understand what she is saying to feel its calming presence as tranquility rushes over you.

4. Tamarin Bay This final track follows suit of I.L.A.N.E.N.O, except slower, accompanied with an offbeat kick and the chiming, resonant melodies. Containing only four or five sounds, this song is still able to capture a serene ambience and provide a close to this exceptional EP.

Overall, Life Is My Teacher is a perfect example of Miss Kittin‘s exceptional production talent. Be sure to grab your copy of the album here and stay tuned for her double album, Calling From the Stars to be released in April of 2013!