Straight out of British Columbia, Canada, Conro is set to make some serious noise.  The young Canadian’s first major release just so happens to be on Wolfgang Gartner’s notable label Kindergarten Recordings, and the result is exactly what you’d expect from an artist in Wolfie’s stable: authentic, melodic, and 100% fierce electro house.  The Axiom EP is comprised of two tracks.  The first, “Axiom,” is a rip-roaring electro anthem with an absolutely pounding bassline.  The spirited opening quickly gives way to a melodic breakdown–complete with a perfectly-mixed vocal sample–before descending into total madness.  A furious sawtooth bass hits in tandem with the kick drum, creating a forceful feel that is sure to rip through any dance floor.  Another dub breakdown signals a pause in the action, before one last return to craziness for the final segment.

The second track, “Feel You Right There,” is another thunderous track, using a bright vocal sample and an absolutely gigantic bass to drive the track.  This track offers up a more glitchy feel than the last one, and Feel You Right There’s bassline goes all over the place, with plenty of pitch bends and distortion to drive up the intensity.  The breakdown is an incredibly melodic experience, offering up some intricate synth work before the final drop takes us into one last sequence of dance floor mayhem.

Altogether, Conro’s freshman EP is one of the most ambitious and impressive electro house releases of the entire year.  It’ll be interesting to see where this avid musicmaker goes next, but let’s hope he has plenty more tricks left up his sleeve.  Pick up the Axiom EP today.


Conro – Axiom (Original Mix)



Conro – Feel You Right There (Original Mix)





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