Absolutely explosive on the trance circuit right now, Bryan Kearney has been completely blowing away expectations with his own unique spin of slamming tech trance. Seriously impressing us with his back to back set with Jordan Suckley at Godskitchen’s Clash Of The Gods, he has since been on our radar of Trance artists to watch. After releasing his intense EP High Anxiety/Get The Edge off of John O’Callaghan‘s label, Subculture and his sure fire remix of Sean Tyas‘s release of What I Am, (along with a whole slew of free releases and personal edits), Kearney unloads a hair raising rework to Kaeno & Denzo‘s track, Famous. Known for his limitless energy and fearless musical drive, he doesn’t disappoint Tech fans hungry for intensity and gut punching bass lines.

Starting off with furious percussion, Famous drops some serious punch into the bassline as somber, almost Middle Eastern, melodic lines starts to form, giving a very interesting combination of sounds and musical contrast. The force of musicality and pure power really showcases the particular set of skills that Bryan Kearney possesses. It follows through with the sound clip “I hear you’re rather famous on Earth. Well, I see my fame has reached the stars. Let me give you a bit of advice. Here among the stars, it is better to not be quite so cocky” from the 1960’s B horror film, Assignment: Outer Space with creepy distortion and ominous reverb. Then up comes a rather sinister sounding melody that sends shivers to the bones as Kearney starts pressing an iron foot on the acceleration pedal with an absolutely monstrous build up with V8 crunching sawtooth basslines and searing upward synths. The jaw dropping drop takes no mercy as it slams the listener with unforgiving bass, smashing 16th note runs and angry bass kicks. Supplementing its drive is some dark acidic ostinatos and enough overwhelming force to destroy anything in its path.



Bryan Kearney‘s rework of Famous is a very powerful Tech tune that will perminately damage dance floors around the world and send the listener on a wild, evil ride. The amount of sheer, deep-rooted power this rework has is among the best that we have heard in a while and it is absolutely a track that will be played by 140 enthusiasts all around. Many people think that Dubstep and other Bass Music is the source of serious bassface, but Tech Trance can be just as beast-like and this tune showcases that aspect in spades. Kearney does an amazing job of sending the sense of fear and dread, and pays homage to classic horror movies of the 1960’s. This rework will be released along with the Original and Jonathan Carvajal pres. Autocinema Remix, (which is also another mix to look after), on December 31st on Discover White. Seriously do not miss out on this behemoth of a tune, mark it in your calendars, 140 fans!