After another successful year, Jon Gooch the creative mastermind behind Feed Me and Spor, is back again with previews of three new tantalizing tracks. It appears that the set containing these previews could be the framework for a forthcoming EP/ Single¬†that are set to be released sometime in January. All three tracks clearly embody Feed Me‘s genre-defying sound and magnificent level of production present in each and every one of his releases. Although, these snippets may be short, they provide just enough substance to make any Feed Me fan feel a little giddy inside. Along with these releases, Feed Me also provided a link to his U.S. Tour which features his newly improved Teeth set up! If you haven’t had the chance to witness this stage set up live or are unfamiliar with the concept and design of ¬†Feed Me‘s Teeth tune in below to see Jon Gooch explain the entire production himself.

Don’t forget to check if Feed Me with Teeth is coming to a city near you! Full U.S. Tour lineup is available HERE!


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