As if I wasn’t devastated enough that I can’t make it to Holy Ship!! this year, they released the schedule and I’m going to lock myself in my room and sob until Christmas. In case you haven’t heard, Holy Ship!! is an EDM cruise dream come true with artists including DiploA-TrakKnife PartyCrookersBoys Noize, and the list goes on and on.  The event takes place January 4-7, 2013 and will tour to Nassau, Bahamas and then to a Private Island (also in the Bahamas) where top DJs from around the world will host the party. As you can see from the schedules below, there will be music going, basically nonstop. They also have cool events listed like a poker tournament held by Zedd and friends, a scavenger hunt with Diplo, and some others as well. With all the positive feedback from last year, this is sure to be an amazing time and if you’re not lucky enough to go this year, mark your calendars for 2014. For more info, visit the site

Here’s the official video from 2012