Alright it’s that time of the year again! To pass our judgements on tracks that left us breathless and gasping for more. Many of my fellow writers, including our editor-in-chief plan to chime in on some of the best tracks and artist of 2012, myself included. My co-workers are some of the best there are, and have been well into the EDM scene before it was known to be as EDM, and their opinions are always made with wisdom and respect.

That being said, I’ll take this chance to give a brief introduction of myself, for you see I’m probably like most of you! ( if you don’t feel like reading this, go ahead and scroll down to see my picks of great tracks from 2012!) I stumbled upon the EDM scene back in 2010 with Skrillex’s release of his EP My Name is Skrillex. Yes, I know, I was one of those kids. That group that everyone loved to hate, but what can I say, it started my love of everything electronic. Fast forward (almost) 3 years and here I am writing for a great website that boasts over 8k likes on Facebook alone and alongside amazing veterans of the scene. I am the self-proclaimed newbie of the scene, and I’m always learning something new every day when it comes to EDM and it never ceases to amaze me.

Much love!

Happy New Year,

Danny Corona

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to it! 

Ever hear a vocalists in an EDM song that leaves you mouthing all of the words and feeling as if you’re on cloud 9? While the producers truly shine in these songs, it’s the vocalists who are able to complete the complex puzzle of the song, and creating perfection. Very few vocalists can do this, but I’ve created a Top 7 Vocalists of 2012 to give you a head start on some of the greats! Hope you agree and enjoy, let me know in the comment section, if you don’t/do!

Number 7!

Miss Palmer!
This DJ/vocalists hits #7 on my list for her talent on the song, Black To White with Felix Cartel!

Number 6!


Although he needs no introduction, Example, UK singer and rapper, creates memorable lyrics and adds the finishing touch with Calvin Harris in We’ll Be Coming


Number 5!
Emma Hewitt!
You might recognize the name from the top of the trance charts with a remix from Mikkas, entitled Rewind, she wins the number 5 spot for her soothing, beautiful, and strong voice in Colours, remixed by the great Armin van Burren.

Number 4!

Matthew Koma!

While it’s not surprise he’s on the list, this New York born vocalists can hold his own among the greats in the EDM scene, and it shows with the highly circulated Spectrum, with ZEDD.

Number 3!

Richard Bedford

Coming in at number 3 is Richard Bedford, most famously known for lending his amazing vocals to two great tracks both from the great Trance artists Above & Beyond! Here’s the number 3 winner with On My Way to Heaven.

Number 2!

You might recognize this name (and amazing voice) from ZEDD’s recent release of Clarity, one of the most anticipated albums this year. Check it out!

*Drum Roll!!!!!!!!!*

Number 1!
From the amazing and mesmerizing track, Days to Come, from the producer Seven Lions. Have a listen and see why I chose this vocalists as Number 1!


That concludes my Top 7 vocalists of 2012, and remember to check out our other releases as each writer will be making their take on some of the best (and worst) tracks of 2012! Thanks for reading everyone, much love!