New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year for EDM and well as party goers world wide. Like most people, once January 1st rolled around I wanted to keep the party going. A bunch of friends and I went down to a local bar for brunch, but I use the term brunch loosely because basically all they were serving when I got there around 12:30 PM were heavy beats, champagne, and flashing lights. We warmed up by toasting mimosas, talking about last night’s stories, and were waiting for well known Boston DJ Dirty Dek to come on later that day. At one point early in the day, there was a DJ change and it was noticeable that the music had really picked up and the crowd was getting into party mode.

DJ SnowWhite was the man on stage and it was obvious he was feeding off the crowd’s energy. He had such a wide variety of tracks, mash-ups, and edits that could make any music lover happy. Think when the last time you heard Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine dropped at an electronic show, and watching a crowd go nuts. Don’t worry I’ll wait. He was dropping underground tracks that were bangers on all levels, but probably only have a few hundred plays on YouTube.

After hearing the set, I was impressed and got to speak with him a little bit about his style and what he looks for. Entirely self-taught, DJ SnowWhite (who gets his name from his naturally blonde/white hair) uses the “10K hour” rule as a foundation for his dedication towards DJing and mixing. To keep up with that he was living a a tiresome routine: wake up, work, go home, practice, sleep, repeat. The hard work seems to be paying off. In a controversial world of push-play DJing it’s also nice to hear that he doesn’t pre-record his sets, but DJs on the fly to cater to his crowds reactions. He’s a local up-and-coming DJ to keep and eye on if you live in the Boston area.

He’ll be spinning this Friday at Prime in Boston, presented by Hype Nightlife. If you haven’t already reserved your tickets you can get them here.

For guest list and table reservations contact: Jeremy at 203-671-0103

Prime Nightclub

295 Franklin Street

Boston, MA 02110