Justice, the famed electro duo hailing from France, have just released the EP for their third single from their 2011 album Audio, Video, Disco. The EP begins with an extended mix of Helix, a super funky nu disco/French House tune that in my opinions was one of the standouts of the album, fusing rock samples and chopped up vocals with their signature groovy sound. Presence, which was released only as a bonus track previously, is a more experimental and slow moving track. Not necessarily one for the clubs or festivals, it does show the duo’s willingness to experiment with different mediums. Ohio seems like an odd addition to the EP; however the spaced out tune’s mellow groove is something I’ll never tire of. Domenico Torti‘s Headspin remix of Helix definitely doesn’t fall short, he gives it a more glitchy and electronic feel than the original. The real standout of the EP, however, is Gesaffelstein‘s Vision remix of Helix. His remix is industrial, raw, and en entirely new beast from the original version of the track. With purely fantastic works such as this, Gesaffelstein is proving why he is one of the top players in the techno scene. Check out the remixes below.

Helix – EP – Justice on iTunes

Justice – Helix (Extended Mix):

Justice – Presence:

Justice – Ohio:

Justice – Helix (Gesaffelstein Vision Remix):

Justice – Helix (Domenico Torti Remix):