Sander van Doorn‘s Joyenergizer finally dropped today on Spinnin’ Records. Joyenergizer is a huge track that keeps you guessing throughout. With a big beat and massive drop DJs across the globe are bound to pick this one up. The track begins with an irresistible beat which quickly builds. The beat dies down to leave synths to build on themselves in to the enormous beat that is revealed at the drop. Then almost as suddenly as it came the beat gives way to a rocklike bass which builds back up to that epic beat again. Thank you Sander for a great New Year’s gift to EDM lovers everywhere.

Sander van Doorn-Joyenergizer


Also you might have missed the music video that Spinnin’ Records debuted on their YouTube page on December 20. It is a pretty insane video with a lot of fire, girls wrestling and even a chihuahua. Needless to say it is worth watching.