From the Netherlands to England to Egypt to Israel, it seems that some of the most brightest and most talented Trance producers are internationally located across the globe. As so, it is harder to find such talent over here on USA soil because we as a culture do not give the same significance and appreciation towards some of the most beautiful and heartfelt pieces existing in our world today. But if you decide to dig a little deeper, you may be surprised what you may discover. Today, we take a look at US native Gordon Schissler, otherwise known by his inspiring alias, New World. Residing in North Carolina ((assuming)), New World started off as a Classically trained violinist, learning the musical theory behind some of the greatest composers in history and creating that fine appreciation of quality, emotional music (being one of those people, myself).

From there, he decided to take his skills to the digital world, creating music in a variety of genres that enabled him to get a fuller, more well rounded education in musical production. This formidable combination can only produce astounding results. And what a sound New World has achieved. His new Uplifting masterpiece, entitled Rise Above, is an upcoming production that is going to be (appropriately) released on the new Above The Clouds Recordings. Rise Above has touched me personally on an entirely different level than most Trance songs I have heard (Kelly Andrew‘s Above The Sea being one of them) and is truly setting the standard to which all producers should aspire to.

Beginning with solid, driving synths and lush, expansive chords, Rise Above already starts with a certain kind of curiosity and magic that is so rare to find in EDM. This magic is the piece enveloping you inside its own universe and when the strings and chorus comes in, you realize that this is going to be special; not as a song, but as a journey like you have never heard before. It quiets down towards the void as the deep, visceral bass sets the scene for the beautiful reverbed piano to come gliding in; supplemented by subtle, yet essential choir, almost as if they had a life of their own. As the next phase passes by, we hear gorgeous strings lamenting their melody as a faint trumpet is heard, triumphantly giving us feelings of awakening and extrasensory awareness of our surroundings.



As whispers of white noise come fading in, we hear the piano come back in full emotional force, as its soul penetrating message will send goosebumps towards your body and the breaking of barriers between consciousness and unconsciousness, if allowed. New World, realizing the vulnerable state the listener is in, then uses his masterful orchestration skills and slowly brings in more complex lines until the full force of emotional ecstasy and hope is achieved with full synths, brave strings and a sound that is simply magnificent to the ear. As the percussion builds, the energy reaches the breaking point of maximum emotional freedom and with a final push, shatters that barrier. It holds the listener into a complete trance of euphoria and hope, truly telling the listener to rise above all of your obstacles and go forth, as there is an entire world for you to explore. Rise Above can truly a life changing masterpiece, if one allows it.

New World is one of a brand new set of artists that truly try to utilize the sheer potential of music and utilize it towards not creating music, but creating art and influencing lives. New World‘s purpose is to “imbue his work with meaning and depth”. Too often we find instantly forgettable tracks often missing the point of music entirely, which, (in my opinion), is to showcase the beauty of human existence into a universal language that every part of our being can sense. It reminds us that we are unique, special and a miracle on Earth. It lights up that dim bulb of magic that too many of us forget as we get older. And as long as emotional, Uplifting music, with Rise Above  as an outstanding example, is alive, then that dim bulb will never extinguish inside of us. New World‘s Rise Above will be released on Above The Clouds Recordings in the near future and we’ll keep you updated on its release.

Keep the music alive, Trance fans. -Q