If you haven’t heard of Fehrplay yet, allow me to do the honors. He’s a Norwegian producer who just recently released his newest track on Pryda Friends titled “I Can’t Stop It.” This is a great uplifting progressive tune with a pinch of trance thrown in there. The styles blend well, athough he doesn’t necessarily like to be tied to one. “I really don’t like to put my sound into a certain genre. I know it has to work in a club though. Basically I just make what I feel and hopefully people will feel it too,” he stated in a recent interview. With Prydz‘s seal of approval there’s little room for debate about telent, but don’t take his word for it. Hit play and find out for yourself. You won’t regreat it. Be sure to catch Fehrplay‘s guest mix on Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy episode 011 this Friday.
This track is available on Beatport as well as other great tracks off Pryda Friends.