Over the past few years, Lorin Ashton better known by his stage moniker Bassnectar, has risen to the forefront of electronic music. Known and highly regarded for his masterful production, cohesive and thought provoking albums and his groundbreaking live performances, Bassnectar continually redefines what listeners expect from electronic dance music as a whole. Recently, Lorin announced that he would be indulging in a well overdue vacation removing himself from the limelight for a brief period of time. This vacation, although undisputedly merited, initiated quite a bit of fear amongst bassheads all over the globe due to the fact that it almost certainly implied that the first few months of 2013 would offer no new material from the bass-wielding mastermind. However, earlier today this fear was rather hastily relinquished with the release of Bassnectar‘s latest remix of Underworld‘s hit record Rez. Lorin first heard Rez at the third rave he ever attended and was blown away by the original track. Maintaining the gentle arpeggios and melodies of the original, Bassnectar revives this classic track by injecting layers of deep melodic bass. The remix releases via Child’s Play Records on February 12th so until then feel free to stream the full track below and if you feel so inclined make sure to pre-order the track on iTunes! Cheers.