After taking the scene by storm with their winning remix for Bingo PlayersRattle remix competition, Candyland have been towards the top of my acts to follow and it makes me happy that they finally can bring their sound to a larger audience with this EP on Spinnin‘. I’ve been gobbling up their free tracks on Soundcloud for quite some time but this EP of originals really shows how talented members Ethan and Josie are when it comes to production. The EP begins with the collaboration with fellow big bass player Big Chocolate, Shark Attack, a moombahton/moombahcore effort with expert synth work and a dancefloor destroying drop. Bring The Rain, featuring Lexi Forche on vocals, is the EP’s most standard big room effort, with soulful vocals and calm piano work on the breakdown that gradually builds and breaks into a hard hitting syncopated slammer. Beneath Myself ups the tempo to 165 and ups the energy. We haven’t seen much drum & bass from the duo before but they are certainly capable within the genre. My favorite track of the EP, Get Wild, is a definite rave monster. The track begins as 128 electro house and turns into an absolutely crushing midtempo drop for the second time around. All You Gotta Do, which features MakO and Makism, is hard glitch hop reminiscent of KOAN Sound with a lively hip-hop verse. Finally, ending the EP is Castle of Affair, which was previously releases as a single. Castle of Affair is more chilled-out, liquid influenced at times and all out mayhem at other times; a truly diverse track. All in all this EP offers something for just about everyone, support Candyland if you like what you hear.

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