Marco V and Damian William have come together to craft a massive collaboration–and when two of the best progressive house producers around join forces, you know the results will be exceptional.  “Naneo,” released off of In Charge (Be Yourself Music), is a powerhouse anthem with some infectious melodies and undeniable energy.  The track contains a booming bassline which drives the feel and gives the entire arrangement a forceful atmosphere.  Rhythmic percussion and some expert counter melodies add to the groove, however the track really shines in the breakdowns.  Here, Marco V and Damian William are at their finest as they create a whirlwind of melody with some gigantic synth work.  The final segment of the track brings the energy to a fever pitch, as rising leads pair with the already-monumental arrangement to close out the track in style.

Marco V and Damian William have truly captured some magic in this release, as Naneo seems destined to become a fixture in the club and festival circuit for the new year.  Pick up your copy today.


Marco V, Damian William – Naneo (Original Mix)





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