For the final installment of this incredible album, I was quite hopeful that Cazzette  would follow through on their two prior releases of Eject. I listened intently and was not surprised that this incredible duo continued to bring their “A” game. When Cazzette is touted as being signed to Ash Pournouri, the same person who brought Avicii to his current superstar status, they mean serious business. The quality of their work and flare for great dance music is astounding and Sweden should be mighty proud.

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Heros – First to the plate, this track comes out swinging. Bouncy, catchy, and fun Cazzette’s unique sound is something to truly behold. As I am writing this review, I cannot help but move my feet about in tempo to this track in my computer chair. As goofy as the image of me flailing about in my seat, this is a pretty good dance jam. Fortunately there are more jaw dropping tracks ahead in this final part of Eject.

The Coming – Not letting up from the previous track, The Coming is another song that will sit comfortably in Sebastian and Alexander’s ever-growing roster of  greatness. I instantly envision a gigantic festival with many people dancing together while I am listening to this track. Hands down, this song will give you the workout of your life. Flowing seamlessly between the progressive house and dubstep elements, Cazzette blows the roof off of my expectations for this piece. Do not skip this track if you know what is good for you!

Beam Me Up – (Kill Mode) Instrumental – Nothing much to say about this track other than it is still amazing. I’m glad they released the instrumental of this song because DJ’s and producers alike can remix or mash up this instant classic.

Renegade – Featuring the beautifully talented Eva Simons, this collaboration’s flare really shines on the album. Her voice has such a wonderful presence that many producers should be climbing over each other just to get in a request to utilize her talents. The piano on the upbeat adds that special something to the continuity of the song along with the dirty bass that Cazzette is capable of producing. Enjoy this amazing track sparingly; I do not want your head to explode from the incredible rush this song can give you!

Blood Theme – Being a huge fan of the TV show Dexter, I was giddy with excitement as the opening melody to the show blared on my speakers. That iconic guitar part is burned into my brain and Cazzette certainly knows how to pay homage to Dexter Morgan. When the track drops I cannot help but feel like I am next on this killer’s list even though I have no literal skeletons to hide. I digress, this beat is fantastic and the genious behind the creation of it makes this instantly one of my favorites.

After the months of waiting, Cazzette has managed to take the EDM world by storm with their anticipated first album. Continuing their talented foray into electronic music composition, they certainly lived up to the hype following their many successful remixes of the likes of Avicii’s Levels to Jay-Z & Kanye West’s N***as in Paris. There is a reason why they have been praised by the likes of TiestoDavid Guetta,  Thomas Gold, and Martin Solveig. Do not miss out on this incredible three part journey. Let me tell you, it was one hell of a ride!